Friday, April 25, 2014

APLE/ACTT Witness Tampering & Illegal Activities

The following are excerpts from our investigation files. Listed below are a few examples of illegal, corrupt, unjust and wrongful acts or behavior of APLE Cambodia (Action Pour les Enfants), ACTT Calcutta (All Children Together Trust), Thierry Darnaudet and his highly paid, poorly educated staff. Due to confidentiality and cases under further investigation, we are unable to reveal; names, specific locations, witnesses, supporting evidence, graphic details etc until brought before the courts.

• Numerous counts of corruption and embezzlement

• Tax evasion

• Misuse of trustee and donor funds

• Inciting the press

• Defamation

• Slander

• Entrapment

• Physical abuse

• Sexual abuse

• Illegal detention of children (under Article 37 of the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child)

• Denying visitation for the parents of  detained children (Article 82 not only gives the parents rights to visit their children, but also to reside with them when and if they so choose)

• Forcing child labor while child "witnesses" are being detained (violation of Article 24)

• Bribing families to lie (very common!)

• Not paying the bribes they promised (this is what has revealed the bribes, families are stepping forward with their complaints now)

• Harassment. Continually revisiting "witnesses" and scaring, lying, threatening or trying to bribe them. We have 3 child "witnesses" on video giving testimonial of the above APLE behavior. This is illegal once the court investigation phase is complete. This is called WITNESS TAMPERING and CRIMINAL HARASSMENT.

• Denying the family rights of the children to hire their own attorney. This is illegal. Who has more rights: the parents, or APLE/ACTT?

This is just a portion of some of the wrongdoing of APLE, ACTT, Thierry Darnaudet and his employees.

The only solution is bringing in a committee to completely restructure the organizations, oust those who are breaking the law, and implement appropriate LEGAL and JUST forms of child protection and advocacy.

The child "witnesses" are merely a pawn in their profiteering game. Once they have gotten, or unable to get what they want, the children are set free, never to be contacted again by APLE or ACTT... Unless they want to pay them and the families to set up, usually, a false case with entrapment.

Thierry Darnaudet with one of his partners

More to come.....